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Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Can you hold the desire to go to bathroom? Or you’ve ever been wet because you can’t control your bladder? If you can’t… you might have an overactive bladder.

OAB is involuntary and uncontrolled bladder contraction. You can have one ore more the symptoms below :

  • Urgency : strong and sudden desire to void
  • Precipitancy : need to run to the bathroom
  • Frequency : more than 8 voids per day
  • Nocturia : 2 or more voids per night
  • Urgency incontinence : leakage, usually high volume, occuring after the strong and the sudden desire to void

Interestingly, OAB is often triggered by running water, key and the door phenomenon, when person get close to bathroom, when you standing up after sitting position, cold weather, and etc

OAB are caused by so many problems. It’s better if you consult your physician to know what kind of problem you have so you can get the appropriate treatment.

The management of OAB :

  • The dietary and fluid moderation, it consists of reduce caffeine (such as coke, coffee, tea, chocolate) in your meal, minimize foods with hidden content water like fruits
  • Urinate according to timetable in an effort to void in appropriate volumes (for people suffering from urgency/ frequency)
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercise (Kegel exercise)
  • If needed medication